MY DUMB AZZ: Friend for a Season

I took Constitutional Law in my junior year of college. In this class, there was young lady who I’d seen but never spoken to. For her sake, I’ll call her Spring, for the semester of the class.

I went to a relatively small school so there were tight circles. I’d seen Spring while I was in the student government but never gave her much thought. She was a very pretty young lady but I wasn’t blown away by her beauty.  She was a real sweet country girl.

In regards to class, I noticed that she showed up the first week and then missed the entire next week.  I decided to make a move because…well, college. I slid in her DMs before it was popular and I told her that if she comes to 5 classes straight, I’d take her to lunch.  Because women love food, she came to the next 5 classes and we went to lunch.

From that point, Spring and I were cool. We texted every day, spent time outside of class, and went to lunches and dinners. She told me upfront she was messing around with some Kappa dude so I thought my GDI status worked against me.

For our midterm, we had to complete 10 case briefs. Like most, both Spring and I procrastinated and didn’t have them done. So she came to me and asked if we could do them together. I assumed we’d work in a library or in the business school. Spring said that she’d pick me up and we’d go somewhere to work on them.

Spring picked me up, in her 15MPG SUV to pick me up, then we drove 30 minutes to her apartment in a nearby city. Thirty minutes is a considerable time when you live in a city where it takes 10 minutes to get wherever you want. She showed some effort there.

We get to her place, her roommate is there. Spring showed me her room where I said, “Oh ok. This is nice.” Shortly after , her roommate left and Spring says, “She always leaves when I have male company.”

So for the next 3 hours guess what MY DUMB AZZ did-that’s right. Those case briefs. We talked but I never made any moves. I was focused on my work. When we finished, she said her roommate was coming back and taking me to campus. I can only assumed she called her Kappa when I left

Afterwards, we were cordial but we didn’t chill as much as we did. I didn’t understand my opportunity until 2 years later. Kind of a “duh” moment.