MY DUMB AZZ: Upfront

This isn’t the worst story but it is probably the dumbest. We’ll venture outside of my college years for this:

After graduating, I moved home and worked at my least favorite job of all-time. We’ll call it “That Place.” While working at That Place, I formed a good friendship with one of my co-workers. She was like my big sister. Three months into the job, my birthday was coming around and when I mentioned it to her, she said that her cousin’s is 2 days before mine and she invited me to her cousin’s birthday party and she showed me a picture of her. She was cute and older (and I loves me a cougar). So I decided to go.

I met her cousin at the hotel pregame and we hit it off. And she was really cool (My friend’s people are really cool. They always made me feel apart of the group). From the hotel to the club, you would’ve thought we’d known each other for years. Afterwards, we exchanged numbers and kept in touch. I asked her out to lunch once so we could talk outside of the party environment.

The conversation went like this, “Blah blah blah I don’t want a relationship blah blah stuff about stuff.” Now, I heard this clearly. I always knew this. Keep that in mind.

The next day at That Place, I talked to my friend about me and her cousin going out. Again, I don’t remember conversations well but I remember her saying “I don’t get in the middle of my cousin and who she’s sleeping with.” I don’t remember the context of that statement but I do remember thinking it odd for her to say that.

Shortly after, I asked her cousin out to dinner again. Again, we had a good time and then she invited me back to her place. We get to her house and she warms up her car so she could go pick up her son. That let me know that she didn’t plan on being there very long.

She showed me around the house and  MY DUMB AZZ  sat in the living room looking at her CD collection wondering which ones I was going to borrow to put music on my phone. I asked. She let me borrow a few. Shortly after, we our separate ways.

It took me one year to fully understand what had happened. And once again, I keep kicking myself because MY DUMB AZZ couldn’t get the hint. I still send a “hey, big head” text every now and then but I don’t go home much so…