During my junior year of college, I missed an opportunity in a way that no man should ever miss it (but this is 2016 and things happen, right?).

I met this young lady from Florida. She was a freshman and I thought it’d be a great time to see if  I could actually pull a younger woman (I usually stick to older women). She was tall, dark-skinned, big eyes, pretty girl. Honestly, I cannot remember how I met her, nor many other times I had with her. All I can say is that we talked everyday. So I’ll jump to the story:

We met in the cafe for lunch and talked like we usually did. Neither of us had class later that day so we stayed until the cafe closed.

She asked, “So what are you about to do?”

“Probably go back to the room and play Madden,” I replied.

“Oh, I like Madden! Can I play?” she asked.

I stayed in an on-campus apartment which had visitation (which was ridiculous to have) and I said she could come.

Long story short, MY DUMB AZZ got 21 stomped by girl. The worst part is that 75% of the plays she ran were Hail Marys (25% run plays)!  I sat jaw-droppded, trying to make up any excuse to not seem like I legit lost the game. Then she said, “I’m going to go. My roommate wants to go to the mall.”

She never spoke to me again. But I never got 21’d again.