What’s He Thinking? #1

Believe it or not, people actually ask me for advice on dating, their significant others, and other situations. I don’t think I say anything profound. I just tell it like it is. Here are a couple questions recently asked:

Q: I’m at work and this guy I met asked me out to lunch. I don’t dress up for work. I’m nervous to tell him ‘yes.’ I really like this guy and I want him to like me. Should I go to lunch with him?

A: AB-SO-FREAKIN’-LUTELY! I can’t understand why women get so worried about their appearance with men. It’s like women forget all of the men who approach them while they’re pumping gas or at the grocery store in sweats or pajama pants. Your work attire is apart of who you are. A man accepts the fact that you won’t always slay. Actually, we welcome it. Seeing women looking different actually gives us a bit of relief. It’s like having multiple girlfriends. So yes, go out with him even if you don’t FEEL like you look your best. If he really likes you, he won’t care.

Q: Why would guys get into relationships if they’re going to cheat? If you’re going to cheat, you might as well stay single.

A: Of all questions women ask, I hate this one the most. One, there’s no one definition of cheating. It depends on the relationship. Two, women don’t understand that to men there is a difference between love and sex. Have you ever heard the saying “Women have sex to say ‘I love you’ and Men say ‘I love you’ to have sex?” Just because a man has sex with another woman doesn’t mean that the relationship means anything less. In a man’s mind, sex and love have nothing to do with one another. If he decides to be in a relationship with you, it’s because he sees himself being with you long-term. It’s about more than having sex with you. So if he ONLY has sex with another woman it’s just sex. We won’t allow just ANY woman to take up our time, see us cry, or even drive our car. Sex with another woman is just for ego. It is usually FAR from emotional.