MY DUMB AZZ: I was so close…

In high school, this one young lady caught my attention almost as soon as I met her. The only issue was that I was 2 years ahead of her and ready to graduate. She was cute and quiet. I talked a lot so I thought it balanced out. She gave me her number and I didn’t hit her up until her senior year of high school. But we hit it off.

I moved home after I graduated college and she was a college junior going to school close to Detroit. I decided to make my move. I decided to take her ice skating, which she’d never been. So while we were ice skating, I was showing that I could protect her from harm(fellas, take note). She enjoyed herself. 

She went back to school about a week later and I wanted to go to a restaurant in that area. I called and asked her on a date and she obliged. I drove ONE AND A HALF HOURS to pick her up. We went to the restaurant and had a great time. She seemed comfortable but because of her aloof and dry personality, I couldn’t tell. 

So when I took her home, we pulled up to her place and I used the old line, “Can I use your bathroom?” And it worked! She said ‘yes’ and I went up, used her bathroom, and kicked it for a minute. I was sitting on the floor first, then moved to sitting on her bed. We were talking and then she hit me with “I’m going to bed. Let me know when you make it home.”

Driving home, I was wondering what went wrong. I hadn’t done anyhing unusual, I thought. But I shrugged it off. I moved from Detroit shortly after.

One night on IG, I posted a “TBH” picture and she decided to DM me. She told me, “The night you were in my apartment, I was ready to let you spend the night. Then I saw your legs swinging from the edge of the bed and I got turned off.”

That bed was raised 4 feet off of the ground. I guess that I was supposed to have 4 foot shins. 

Lesson: If you’re short, keep you’re feet on the floor. MY DUMB AZZ didn’t think it was a big deal.